Project Description

Patio Area Replacement Project – The wooden decking of a property had collapsed and rotted, making it unsafe for use. The goal was to replace it with a new patio area that would be functional and safe for the tenants.

Project Details

Implementation: The first step was to remove the old wooden decking, which was beyond repair. The area was cleared and prepared for the new patio installation. A new patio area was then installed with paving flags and a metal hand safety rail. The safety rail was added to provide support and stability for the tenants while they were using the patio.

Outcome: The new patio area provided the tenants with a functional outdoor space that was safe to use. The paving flags were durable and low maintenance, ensuring that the patio would last for many years. The metal hand safety rail provided additional support and stability for the tenants, ensuring that they could enjoy the nice weather without any concerns about their safety.

Conclusion: The removal of the old wooden decking and installation of a new patio area with a metal hand safety rail was a successful project. It provided the tenants with a functional and safe outdoor space that they could enjoy for many years. The project demonstrated the commitment of CLP Group FS LTD to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their tenants.